Our exceptional whole bean coffees

For you, does nothing beat the aroma of freshly ground coffee? Then find your happiness among our selection of coffee beans! Discover a wide choice of specialty coffees, artisanlly roasted in Switzerland, and major brand coffee.

Devote your coffee beans to the grind of your choice, depending on the coffee machine you will use -French press, Italian coffee maker or espresso machine. Between Arabica / Robusta blends and our 100% origins, I make up my mind...


Coffee, a history that goes back as far as we can remember, and no better one to tell. Unexpectedly, an Ethiopian goat breeder in 850 AD deserves our thanks in so many ways. The world credits him, more or less, with the discovery of the coveted beverage. After its actual discovery, fact alone which one may deem exciting enough, the coffee bean wandered the globe becoming a ritual, a privileged moment along the way, codified and changing according to continents, countries and cultures. It's no secret that coffee beans have never been subject to any form of discrimination and coffee has always found a special place in our daily lives. See for yourself, depending on where you are, your coffee beans will be prepared and enjoyed a 1001 different ways. If you consider the distinct cultures, soils, varieties, and roasting techniques, you'll come to the realisation that coffee beans are as consuming and fascinating as they are subject to many misunderstandings. We are referring, notably, to the arrival of coffee capsules on the market. They gave coffee a bad rap, and rightly so. Capsules pollute and offer very few alternatives on how to enjoy your coffee. Fortunately, habits are changing and it's clear we must take care of our planet. Perhaps you may have the sense that coffee beans have become too complex, full of intense aromas, or have become something so industrial, that you no longer consider drinking it. You get lost in the sea of choices, maybe too many, from industrial coffee beans to your local artisanal roaster. Well, you are right, and someone who is personally and socially aware. Luckily for you, your curiosity has brought you to CoffeeAvenue, the benchmark website active in promoting Swiss craftsmanship, and in particular, specialty coffee beans. With CoffeeAvenue, you can rest easy that all the coffee we offer comes from Swiss artisanal roasters.

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