Whole Coffee Beans The Goodlife Coffee - Kenya Peaberry


Available exclusivity on CoffeeAvenue, try it if you are looking for a rare coffee with complex notes of orange zest and chocolate. The Goodlife offers a medium roast so that this Peaberry can be enjoyed as an espresso or as a gentle extraction.

Grown on the slopes of Mount Kenya, north of the capital of Nairobi, Peaberry coffee benefits from favourable climatic conditions and rich volcanic soils. Peaberry is not a variety. Peaberry is the result of only one of the two fertilised coffee beans in the cherry. By concentrating its development on a single bean, its shape is oval as opposed to a more common half-sphere shape. It is a rare coffee since its harvest only represents 5% of total production. This results in fruitier coffees with more complex aromatic concentrations.



  • Origin: Kenya
  • Region: Boma, Kericho
  • Producer: Boma Farmers' Cooperative Society Ltd.
  • Altitude: 1,500 - 1,830 m
  • Variety (ies): Peaberry
  • Post-harvest treatment: Washed
  • Roasting degree: Medium
  • Recommended extraction: Espresso, Filter
  • Recommended preparation: Espresso machine, Moka, French Press, V60, AeroPress
Whole Coffee Beans The Goodlife Coffee - Kenya Peaberry


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Goodlife offers us this "peaberry" from the slopes of Mount Kenya. A coffee that matches both Mr. Espresso and Mrs. Filter, so don't wait any longer.

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  • OriginKenya
  • RegionBoma, Kericho
  • ProducerBoma Farmers' Cooperative Society Ltd.
  • VarietalsPeaberry
  • Post-harvest processWashed
  • Degree of roastingMedium
  • PreparationEspresso, Filter
  • Recommended preparationAeropress, French Press, Moka, V60, Espresso
  • Packaging250g
  • Date de torréfaction19.05.2020
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