Who are we?

Behind the scenes at CoffeeAvenue

We have set ourselves a mission, to offer you easy access to quality products that respect the environment

To flatter your palates (and ours!), we have selected the best Swiss-roasted coffees and quality teas with no artificial flavours too.

Our passion and values quickly led us to prefer small businesses to large industrial groups. So, we put on our cape to help reinvent how coffee is consumed by promoting Swiss artisanal roasting.

On CoffeeAvenue, we take you to infinity and beyond for everything caffeinated, surprising you, always offering you new-found treasures, and helping you (re)discover ancestral traditions and new ways of drinking coffee.

Are you wondering what your passion for coffee will cost? Browse our site in complete serenity, with us, there is no need to attack your bank account, you'll enjoy good artisanal coffee at an affordable price.

Say no to coffee capsules, let's get back to our roots!

CoffeeAvenue commits

No empty promises at CoffeeAvenue, we like to make things happen! The mainstay of our undertaking is to make coffee consummation more ecologically and socially responsible.

Here, there is no question of drinking in the words of big multinationals who promise that their capsules are recycled. Start enjoying coffee that is more respectful of nature. The longterm goal? Avoid the environmental mess of capsules and return to the simpler days of coffee consumption.

Instead of being packaged in plastic or aluminium micro-packs, our coffee is sold in a less flashy format, with no health risks, and energy savings to boot. Did you also know that coffee grounds can be used for agriculture and green energy?

In short, our commitments can be summed up as follows:

  • Coffee that is carefully selected
  • Product traceability
  • Partnership with human-sized companies
  • Proximity relationship with our suppliers
  • Professional mail delivery
  • No over-packaging
  • Fair redistribution of profits (roasters, producers, partners, employees)
  • Our employees get around around using electric vehicles or via soft mobility methods

CoffeeAvenue, coffee expert

As you will have well understood, CoffeeAvenue is the reference site for anything coffee in Switzerland. Our priority? To spread the crafts of our country and promote specialty coffee.

That's why we love to:

  • introduce you to the best Swiss roasters who work with heart and conviction;
  • share with you our love of freshly roasted coffee by adhering to time-honoured expertise;
  • offer you machines and accessories from the best-known brands, so you can enjoy artisanal coffee in all its forms.

Whether you are a curious consumer or an aficionado, we invite you to join the community around our precious Arabica, enthusiasts, roasters, traditional coffee machine manufacturers... And CoffeeAvenue hasn't forgotten tea and infusion enthusiasts either, far from it! Discover our range of tasty teas and infusions, available in tea bags or loose leaf, on the site too.

And finally, on CoffeeAvenue, you'll also find expert tips, tutorials on our machines and accessories, and ultra-entertaining articles about the world of coffee. You couldn’t have asked for anything more, could you?

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