Who are we?

The fruit of our past history and expertise, CoffeeAvenue is an on-line platform that offers a selection of Swiss artisan roasters who share our values and the entire world of coffee to a wide audience. We want to share tasting experiences and unforgettable moments with you. To accompany you in all your coffee moments, listening to your feedback and working toward your complete satisfaction is our company philosophy. It helps us modestly move forward, but in the strong conviction that we are offering our customers the best coffee experience possible.

Our Mission

We have given ourselves a mission, to offer you easy access to quality products, especially those in the category of Swiss specialty coffee, roasted and handcrafted by local artisans in Switzerland. Our partners share the passion for coffee in all its forms. They have made strong commitments, be it ecological or social, that respect the environment by putting humans and the product at the heart of their operation. The big industrial subsidiaries? It's not for us! We only work with men and women who are passionate about their craft and proud of their products. If you too have decided to change your buying habits, we suggest you get to know our roasters.

At CoffeeAvenue

At CoffeeAvenue, we take you to infinity and beyond for everything caffeinated, surprising you, always offering you new-found treasures, and helping you (re)discover old traditions and new ways of drinking coffee.

No empty promises from CoffeeAvenue, we like to make things happen! The mainstay of our journey, working toward the morally responsible consumption of coffee.

Here, there is no question of drinking in the words of the big multinationals who promise you that their capsules are recycled, you’ll be enjoying coffee that is more respectful of nature. The long-term goal? Avoid the environmental mess of capsules and set the clock back to a simpler product consumption.

We select our roasters based on the following criteria:

  • locality, traceability, variety and seasonality of coffee
  • Harvesting methods and coffee processing
  • coffee bean packaging
  • environmental and societal actions

Today, we are taking action for the climate:

  • Every time we deliver your parcels, part of the costs go toward climate protection projects, we defend the principle of "pro-clima" delivery.
  • All our employees travel in electric vehicles or via soft mobility, non-motorised transport.
  • We only work with artisan roasters, a guarantee of reasonable consumption.
  • We limit our waste within our workplace by providing sorting bins, reusable water bottles and porcelain coffee cups for visitors. As far as our employees are concerned, everyone brings their own coffee mug!

At our roasters

The coffee roasting is artisanal, or in other words, slow roasted. Performance and output are not up for scrutiny.
All our roasters have a story to tell. They have a special relationship with their producers. By emphasising the product, the roaster values the producer. It's their priority.

Before roasting your specialty coffee, green coffee beans are typically selected in micro batches from cooperatives or micro-farms that respect humans and the environment. Many NGO-backed social organisations help support small coffee producers in several countries.

In your home

You'll discover that coffee is not only drunk in capsule form, but in a thousand and one different ways, and that the bliss of enjoying a good coffee is not limited to the investment of a machine nor to a huge amount of space in your kitchen.
Your curiosity for different flavours brings you to this conclusion, coffee, as natural as it is, can also be fruity, chocolatey, with a generous mousse, easily digested, refreshing, or salty, all without artificial aromas.

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