Our selection of roasters

Were you looking for the alter ego of the coffee enthusiast you are? You've probably found it in CoffeeAvenue! Like us, you no doubt prefer coffee from small businesses, roasted according the rules of the art and with a love of the trade.

That's why we have selected the best Swiss roasters and are proud to promote their know-how. Discover their world, history and above all... their precious whole bean or ground coffees.

Its more than a mission we have given ourselves, we take selecting the best Swiss roasters for our website, CoffeeAvenue, very seriously. Here, you’ll discover the background of each of the small businesses, carefully chosen by us for their values and the quality of their work and products.

Just as you will taste their stories, get ready to enjoy their exceptional coffees, born from rich terroirs and fair and equitable trade; each a different link in the chain forged for the same passion, that of coffee.

To start, in respect of our values, we have favoured artisans, small businesses born of their own beautiful story, in the place of large industrial companies. For example, The Coffee Society got started by group of good friends who share the same passion and wanted to do something different and positive. Or again, the story of Christoph Sauser, the mountain bike champion who brought life to the roasting house he named Horizonte after falling in love with the excellent local coffee he drank during a cycling competition in Colombia.

Each of the roasters you’ll find on CoffeeAvenue nurtures the love of the craft and devotes all the time necessary to every step, from the careful selection of terroirs to slow, bean-friendly roasting. Because an exceptional coffee is a one that has been meticulously grown, picked and roasted over low heat. It’s this process that makes it possible to obtain a complex coffee, rich in flavour, from which all the aromas are extracted. With pride, we are the spokesperson and showcase of this know-how passed down from generation to generation. At CoffeeAvenue, we have also made it a point of honour to favour roasters with values in line with our own, working with companies on a human scale, geographically close to their suppliers. For us, a good roaster is one who takes the time to go to the source, gets to know the producer, their farm and methods of processing and packaging coffee cherries after harvest. CoffeeAvenue roasters are also the guardians of fair trade, who aim for the equitable redistribution of profits among all parties. For instance, The Coffee Society's blends and specialty coffees are all certified by social and/or environmental labels. Ideal for enjoying your cup of coffee in complete serenity! In keeping with our values, we also introduce you to eco-responsible roasters, who favour organic farming when selecting their partners from around the world. These small businesses also fight against wasteful packaging, something they hold to heart in this project, sometimes even sourcing and providing reusable containers. As you will have understood, for us, and for the roasters we represent, social and environmental sustainability is essential, so you can consume your favourite drink responsibly and share your passion for coffee with total peace of mind.

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