Our selection of coffees for slow extraction methods

Back to basic... Old-fashioned coffee without electronics and wires running all over your counter. Whether you prefer filter preparation (V60 or Chemex), or immersion (Piston coffee maker, French Press, Aeropress), you'll find an exclusive selection of our Swiss specialty coffee roasters here.


Fans of infused coffees or those curious about specialty coffees for slow extractions, you’re in the right place. Like us, you know that this extraction method produces a coffee brewed like tea, aromatic and containing more caffeine than a pressurised extraction. And yes, espresso isn't the only extraction option available to wake you up. Thanks to CoffeeAvenue, you'll discover the wonderful world of specialty coffee and notice that there are loads of different extractions methods. Your mouth will water at the thought of indulging in a specialty coffee from our artisan roasters. Suffering from bad press a few years ago, it's made a comeback thanks to the Coffee World Championships created in its honour. According to baristas, it’s the extraction that precisely reveals the aromas of a grand cru. At CoffeeAvenue, our roasters celebrate this extraction by offering you their best. To reveal their aromas, the degree to which specialty coffees are roasted fluctuates between light and medium. In fact, dark roasting destroys all the fruity and tangy notes that are so characteristic of specialty coffees in slow extraction. At CoffeeAvenue, our roasters offer you their specialty roasted coffees for all your favourite slow extractions: French Press, AeroPress, Chemex, V60.

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