Our range of coffee grinders

Purchasing your coffee and grinding it at home is the perfect solution to enjoy all its flavours. Looking for a quality coffee grinder? CoffeeAvenue offers a selection of major brands, always at the best price.

Instead of grinding your coffee at a roaster or in a coffee shop, get your own coffee grinder to enjoy maximum flavours at home. Because keeping your coffee in whole bean form and grinding it fresh when you want it is the best way to preserve its aromas!


Do you have a taste for good fresh coffee and prefer to grind your Arabica or Robusta beans yourself? CoffeeAvenue offers a wide selection of quality coffee grinders for your business or personal use. Choose from our manual, automatic and semi-automatic coffee grinders, each with an elegant design and made from quality materials. Are you a fan of speed, precision or finesse? Our range of coffee grinders meets all your requirements, and offers you a coffee worthy of the greatest Italian baristas!

Why grind your coffee yourself?

Did you know that grinding your own coffee has many advantages? Whole beans can keep much longer than ground coffee, which oxidises more quickly on contact with air. Whole bean coffee, on the contrary, keeps its freshness and delicious aromas that transport you to Brazil, Colombia or Ethiopia!

At CoffeeAvenue, we provide coffee grinders with various characteristics to meet the needs of all our customers. Whether you are an experienced barista or simply a coffee lover, you will find your happiness among these devices, classified into three categories, designed to make your life easier.

The automatic coffee grinder

Made to grind coffee beans with precision, the automatic coffee grinder is ideal for professionals. Micrometric coffee grinding, available on certain models, is ideal for preparing an espresso. For example, the Italian brand Rocket Espresso, whose grinders and coffee machines are hand-crafted, offers models equipped with a timer. This feature allows you to program extraction precision and consistency, so you always get the same result. This is a very useful option, especially for professional shops. Coffee grinders with timers also set the doses you need.

The semi-automatic coffee grinder

Semi-automatic coffee grinders do not have a timer and are suitable for domestic and professional use. Dosing is manual, and they are easier to use than automatic coffee grinders. The Eureka brand, of which we have many models in our selection, is the one most used by baristas around the world. The Italian family-owned Macap company is also renowned for its compact semi-automatic coffee grinders perfect for home use.

The manual coffee grinder

Are you a demanding coffee lover? Discover our range of manual coffee grinders. These models, made from long-lasting materials, are easy to use and ensure grinding precision. Just turn the crank to get the blades moving! The brands we have selected, such as Comandante and Kanso Coffee, design superb coffee grinders with a sleek and clean look. In short, they are as pleasant to look at as they are to use.

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