Our range of automatic coffee machines

Are you pressed for time in the morning and want your coffee to be ready in just a few seconds, without sacrificing on quality? Select an automatic coffee machine with a built-in grinder from a wide range of choices.

As a coffee lover, you always prefer whole beans. This type of machine, made for you, extracts all the richness for unmatched aroma and taste. At CoffeeAvenue, a team of experts guide you through the different models.


Do you want a good cup of coffee without wasting time on preparation? Then, automatic coffee machines are the best choice for you. With the push of a button or a tap on a screen, your recipe is ready in less than a minute. Be it for a simple espresso or a cappuccino, everything is quick and easy with an automatic coffee machine.
No need to buy a coffee grinder or barista accessories to have on hand. An automatic coffee machine allows you to grind your favourite coffee beans and immediately extract them with just one appliance. One machine that handles everything for you. An automatic coffee machine will calculate the quantity of coffee beans to be ground as it produces your recipe, to the same quality standards, for you every day, and in record time. In addition, through the coffee machine's menu, you can create your own settings to extract the espresso of your dreams.
Clean up is also a lot easier with an automatic coffee machine. In fact, for everyday use, the machine self-cleans every time it starts and stops, you just have to perform a more thorough cleaning when it tells you so. On CoffeeAvenue, you'll find the best manufacturers of automatic coffee machines, reputable brand names such as DeLonghi or Jura to name a few. We select only the best models from their product line to always respect our quality standards. Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiatto, Americano, all these delicious drinks are possible and easily achieved with an automatic coffee machine. Treat yourself and wow your guests with quality coffee at home. You're the barista!
With an automatic coffee machine, you'll be taking a first step into the world of specialty coffee.
And finally, the automatic coffee machine also has another advantage ... an economic one. In fact, in relation to the price per kilo, even an exceptional specialty coffee remains much cheaper than our friend the capsule. You’ll be doing something great for your wallet and the planet because coffee grounds have the advantage of not requiring a lengthy recycling process heavy in CO2 emissions :).

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