Our range of ORGANIC coffee

Do you dream of a coffee that is 100% organic,harvested by hand, traditionally produced and packaged with care? Then our selection of organic coffee is made for you! Enjoy the aromas of ground or certified organic coffee beans. This strict label guarantees you a natural production, free from any pesticides, straight from coffee tree cultivation to storage. Now, the hardest part is choosing between the organic coffees from Ethiopia, Peru or Brazil, each more tempting than the other!


Often synonymous with quality or big brand marketing tactics to sell more or with bigger margins, what is really hiding behind an organic coffee label?

What is ORGANIC coffee anyway?

So-called organic coffee is coffee free from chemicals, and from ground to cup, ORGANIC coffee must not come into contact with any non-organic coffees, or be subject to non-organic treatments. The coffee processing chain requires close attention for it to receive organic certification. From the producer and roaster, and on through to the merchant, everyone has an important role to play for a coffee to be certified ORGANIC.


For the farmers:

The land used for growing coffee must be untreated for a minimum of 5 years, and any form of chemical treatment prohibited. This requires producers to use natural compost material which results in a growing cycle respectful of flora and fauna. Fewer coffee trees get planted, and nearby dense vegetation goes untouched to promote biodiversity and thermoregulation and to limit diseases and pests. Harvesting and post-harvest treatments equally require the respect of natural methods.

For the sellers:

It means stocking organic product next to other organic products only. It’s strictly prohibited to put a bag of coffee, or any other non-certified organic product, next to an ORGANIC one.

For the roaster:

the same storage principles apply, ORGANIC coffee may not be in contact with anything non-organic. Utensils and tools that have been in contact with non-organic coffee may not be used for processing or bagging organic coffee without having been properly cleaned first.


If the previous criteria have been met, then the roaster can apply to the certification labelling authorities to display the organic coffee label on their packaging.

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