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There are many types of coffee machines on the market today. From automated models suitable for use in a domestic setting, others in a work or business environment, and even manual models, for those who remain attached to tamer methods. Everyone need their machine!

CoffeeAvenue offers a selection of automatic, semi-automatic or manual coffee machines from major brands at the best price. Whatever you need, you can count on our expert advice in helping find the right model for you.


Do you need a coffee machine for your home, or do you want to equip your workplace with a reliable and durable solution to prepare espressos and elongated coffees? CoffeeAvenue offers a wide selection of manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines from well-known brands.

Are you ready to enjoy (or enjoy giving to others) a coffee worthy of an Italian barista, rich in aromas? Then head immediately to CoffeeAvenue and take a look around our generous selection of automatic coffee machines with a built-in grinder. This type of appliance, which grinds the bean fresh, when you need it, allows you to obtain an espresso, cappuccino or other coffee on demand, at the push of a button. The automatic coffee machine, which is particularly suitable for a professional office or workspace, is also very popular for domestic use.

Another apparatus adopted by the pros, the espresso machine, brands such as La Marzocco or Rocket Espresso, is a true instrument for time travel...back to the heart of Italian tradition. One that drives pressurized water through the coffee, extracting all the aromas you'll find in your ristretto or espresso. Fans of the little black elixir, tasted but quickly swallowed, at the counter approve! And it's no coincidence that it's the choice of bars and restaurants, even if compact versions are equally available for use in the homes of purists. "

At the opposite end of the spectrum, lovers of the explosive flavours of espresso and its "crema" are the fervent advocates of gentle extraction methods, part of the "slow life" trend. You too, enjoy taking the time to prepare your cup with a slow coffee maker, such as the coffee press, a.k.a. the " French Press", to which we automatically associate the Bodum brand. Or perhaps you prefer the manual filter coffee maker, called the Chemex? The bottom line is great taste, you get an ultra-aromatic coffee.

Nostalgia is not left behind on CoffeeAvenue. Back to basics with the Italian coffee maker. This safe value among time-honoured coffee making methods allows the extraction of the coffee's best aroma. Always reinvented, it is not only available in its retro design, but also with a modern twist, clean lines, and even bright colors! And it is even said that the sound of his purring on the fire is therapeutic ...

Just like the scent of freshly ground coffee beans! Are you one of many fans of artisanal grinding or grinding just before brewing? The coffee grinder is therefore a must-have in your kitchen or behind your counter! Choose from our manual, electric, retro or modern coffee grinders. Each of our models has been carefully chosen for its quality and high functionality.

Not sure which coffee machine is best for you? No need to panic, our team of experts is here to provide professional advice and answers your questions.

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