Delonghi PrimaDonna Soul ECAM610.75.MB - 2-year Guarantee

Innovation is the philosophy of all companies. From SMEs to large groups, it is a prerequisite for keeping one's business going. Because consumption habits are changing, customers are becoming more demanding, and rightly so. The trend is toward a more varied responsible and qualitative consumption (filter coffee, espresso, milk recipes), through labelled coffees that are upscale yet affordable.
With the latest technologies that we find in our daily lives, DeLonghi had to integrate them into its coffee machines to serve this new wave of coffee.

The PrimaDonna Soul is the most recent addition to the range that went through a facelift and acquired useful technological innovations that are more than welcome for the user experience.

A machine with a timeless design…

Design is a tradition of the Maestosa, and DeLonghi reproduced the successful aesthetics of its flagship model and applied it to the Soul. The premium black metal and silver finishes make the new PrimaDonna modern and elegant. Its mirror-effect bean cover gives it a refined look. And the 4.3” colour touch screen is a perfect match that provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

More connected than ever

Like other high-end DeLonghi models that we offer on CoffeeAvenue, the PrimaDonna Soul is also connected. Starting your drink from your living room is fun but not a necessity, however, the personalisation of drinks by profile is the real advantage of this technology. Thanks to the coffee link application, each profile and every recipe preference is saved. Each user has their own settings and will enjoy their favourite recipe without changing a thing.

Your tailor-made coffee

This is THE real DeLonghi exclusivity, Bean Adapt technology, a huge advantage over the competition.
What is it? Bean Adapt is the latest DeLonghi technology. In short, it serves you the perfect espresso, the one of your desires.
How? Depending on the bean, Bean Adapt chooses the ideal grind, perfect dose and optimum temperature.
How does it work? It is in fact you who, via the coffee link application, enters the specifics of your coffee (type, roasting colour, etc.). These settings make for the perfect extraction by respecting the origin of the coffee and its terroir.
Above all, this level of precision means the sky is the limit. All premium local coffees are yours for the choosing. For those new to specialty coffee, each once changes depending on the fineness of the grind, water temperature, and dosage. Never before have automatic machines allowed you to fully enjoy a specialty coffee.
We will not go so far as to compare an extraction of the PrimaDonna Soul to a semi- automatic machine, but the pleasure and quality in the cup should be emphasised. Bean Adapt is a real innovation in the user experience.

A large choice of recipes

Unlike the PrimaDonna Class, the Soul makes 21 recipes, i.e. 4 more recipes, and not the most trivial:

  • Long black
  • Cortado
  • Over ice
  • Filter coffee


These additions bring a real plus to traditional coffee and milk recipes.

LatteCrema System

After the surprise of the successful cappuccinos, we made when we received the first models, we are very excited about this machine. And this is thanks to DeLonghi’s famous LatteCrema system. Everything you need for a perfectly fine, creamy, dense and persistent milk foam are combined thanks to this technology; a real treat. With all the possible settings, the choice is virtually endless and the fun limitless.
That little extra that makes the difference, the PrimaDonna Soul comes with a double-wall thermal carafe to keep your milk fresh.
Barista's tip: Use fresh whole milk for an impeccable result.

As you can see, the PrimaDonna Class is much more than a simple evolution. DeLonghi continues to offer successful and innovative models which is a testament to their great success and a real treat for gourmet lovers.

Delonghi PrimaDonna Soul ECAM610.75.MB - 2-year Guarantee


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The DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul is a perfectly designed and innovative compact machine for whole beans, with a choice of 21 recipes. Its touch screen, ease-of-use, and exclusive technology are assets for making your ideal recipes.

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  • Power in watts1450W
  • Drink MenuDoppio, Latte macchiato, Coffee with milk / Café au lait, Long coffee (Lungo), Hot milk, Filter coffee (low pressure), Cappuccino, Espresso macchiato, Espresso, Flat white, Coffee, Hot water
  • InterfaceTouch screen
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