Our Italian espresso machines

Want to enjoy a delicious espresso worthy of an Italian café from the comfort of your home? We offer a wide range of hand-made espresso machines from prestigious brands, such as La Marzocco or Rocket Espresso.

The espresso machine extracts the aromas from your coffee thanks to the pressurized water that flows through it. Whether you are craving a ristretto, an espresso, or a long, americano-style coffee, you will savour its intense taste. The machines work with both ground coffee and whole beans. You decide!


The espresso machine is the holy grail for any self-respecting espresso lover. An espresso machine can extract coffee at pressures unobtainable by automatic coffee machines. Keep in mind that not just any pressure guarantees a quality extraction, it must be approximately 9 bars. Claims from any manufacturer that superior machines use higher pressures holds no purpose other than being a marketing tool.

How does an espresso machine work?

The principle is simple and identical to all machines of this type. The espresso machine heats the water using its boiler, then sends it under pressure via a pump to the coffee grounds. To get a quality extraction, the machine will have to heat its water to 92° C and send it to the ground coffee at a pressure of approximately 9 bars.

The coffee ritual

With an espresso machine, coffee is no longer drunk in a second, but requires a little extra prep time and equipment. The espresso machine, unlike an automatic machine, does not have an integrated grinder, so you must purchase a coffee grinder to get the most out of its use. Once this barrier is behind you, and the first adjustments have been made, the ritual of grinding your coffee in its porta filter and extracting your espresso with your beautiful espresso machine is a true ritual that will be difficult to give up. You'll see, drinking espresso in any other way will seem utterly foreign.

At CoffeeAvenue, we have made the choice to distribute only brands that meet our strict quality standards. You'll find the best selection of espresso machines through famous brands such as Rocket Espresso and La Marzocco. With every purchase of an espresso machine, CoffeeAvenue gives you 2 kilograms of specialty coffee so you can start getting acquainted with your new toy.

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