Whole bean MAME - Pearl Filter - Brazil

Pearl, in filter version, is a mild coffee with a very present body and delicious chocolate notes.

Pearl is the name given to the seed that resembles just that, a pearl. It is also called peaberry. A peaberry is the result of only one of the two seeds in a coffee cherry fertilising. By concentrating its development on a single bean, its form becomes a more generous oval as opposed to the typical half-sphere shape. It’s a rare coffee since the harvest represents only 5% of total production. This results in fruitier coffees with more complex and aromatic concentrations.

The coffee comes from the famous region of Minas Gerais which is considered to be the cradle of specialty coffee. The Daterra Farm is located in the Cerrado region, which is reputed to be one of the best production areas. Daterra translates into “from the land” and specialty coffees have been cultivated there by the same family since the 1970s, and this plantation is one of the oldest in existence.
The Daterra Farm is known for its very high-quality production and advocates sustainable agriculture:

  • It’s the 1st Brasilian farm to receive Rainforest Alliance certification.
  • Awarded as a sustainable farming model by Illy in 2008
  • Winner of the 2015 “Premio Fazenda Sustentavel” prize from Globo Rural as the most sustainable agricultural operation in the country.


Baristas rush to the doors of these farms in search of the best coffee for the World Championships. Daterra developed 3 lines of green coffees.MAME Coffee has chosen the green coffees from the Classic collection. The green coffees in this collection are perfect representations of regional coffees. By obtaining tasting notes between 80 and 86 out of 100, these coffees nevertheless remain of superior quality.

Whole bean MAME - Pearl Filter - Brazil


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Discover Pearl from MAME Coffee which offers us this variant for gentle extraction. It’s a success!!

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  • LabelRainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified
  • OriginBrasil
  • RegionMinas Gerais
  • ProducerDATERRA
  • Altitude1150m
  • VarietalsMundo Novo
  • Post-harvest processSemi-washed
  • Degree of roastingLight
  • PreparationFilter
  • Recommended preparationChemex, V60, French Press, Aeropress
  • Packaging250g
  • Date de torréfaction25.06.2020
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