Coffee beans Vertical - Brazil Diamond [Filter]

Its blend of Mondo Novo, Bourbon and Catuaì forms a fantastic trio with notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut. Its creamy body and fruity, chocolaty notes make it smooth and voluptuous.

The Cooxupé Cooperative, founded in 1932, has about 39,000 members, comprising small producers of specialty coffee. The cooperative serves the development of rural areas through education, health and scholarship programs. The focus is on sustainable agriculture and future generations of coffee farmers.

Brasilian coffees, acid-free and with a generous body, are a pleasant cup to drink. By sourcing from Cooxupé, Vertical Coffee is guaranteed to have fresh coffee year-round.

Coffee beans Vertical - Brazil Diamond [Filter]


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Have you ever tasted a 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil? I'm sure you have. But have you ever tried one from Vertical? There are many 100% Arabica coffees, but this one is exceptional.

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  • OriginBrasil
  • RegionMinas Gerais
  • ProducerCooperativa Cooxupé
  • Altitude1100m
  • VarietalsMundo Novo, Bourbon, Catuaì
  • Post-harvest processNatural
  • Degree of roastingLight
  • PreparationFilter
  • Recommended preparationFrench Press, Aeropress, Chemex, V60
  • Packaging250g
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