Whole Coffee Beans Rast Kaffee Yellow Bourbon - Brasil [Filter - Espresso]

Savour all the aromas this magnificent Brasilian Yellow Bourbon offers. Regardless of the extraction method, you'll succumb to its dark chocolate, nut and honey aromas which balance out this specialty coffee.

The state of Minas Gerais in eastern Brasil is renowned for quality coffees. Sul de Mina, in the same state, but toward the southern region of Santo Antônio de Amporos, has exceptional natural conditions for growing specialty coffee. Locals call this region the “Vertentes” which forms a border between Brasil's two most important river basins, that of the Grande River (from north to south) and the Sao Francisco river which flows to the northeast. It's here that Henrique Dias Cambraia, a farmer from Fazenda Samambaia, has been cultivating coffee for generations on 617 hectares. Yellow Bourbon represents 14% of his production, of which he distributes about 5 varieties out a total of 11.

The estate’s success is due to Henrique's great technical and organisational skills. He shared all his know-how with his employees who can now manage the farm without him. He also associated himself with an agronomy engineer, Josué Pereira de Figueiredo, who is the technical coordinator of the Brasilian Coffee Institute.

All these factors have improved the overall quality of his coffee, which has been showcased in competitions for the region's best, a title he has won frequently.

Henrique Dias Cambraia was also recently elected the President of Sulminas-Café. He and another 20 coffee producers in the Santo Antônio do Amparo region founded the Santo Antônio Estate Coffee, to establish relationships with the specialty coffee market.

It's in this context that CoffeeAvenue offers you the Brasilian treasure roasted by Rast Kaffee.

Whole Coffee Beans Rast Kaffee Yellow Bourbon - Brasil [Filter - Espresso]


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Discover this Brasilian gem from Sul de Minas, roasted for your gentle extractions and espresso. This coffee is sure to be a hit since the region it comes from holds the country's highest specialty coffee standards.

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  • OriginBrasil
  • RegionSul de Minas
  • ProducerFazenda Samambaia
  • Altitude1800m, 1200m
  • VarietalsYellow Bourbon
  • Post-harvest processSemi-washed
  • Degree of roastingMedium
  • PreparationEspresso
  • Recommended preparationAeropress, Espresso, Milky
  • Packaging250g
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