Christmas - 2019 Edition - Pure origin: Panama - Banjo Mono

Faithful to its philosophy, Chronic. started from its own desires and tastes when creating this 2019 Edition Christmas coffee. For example, what do you need for Christmas? Magic, of course! Magic that brings you back to your childhood and makes you forget the frantic gift race (always last minute), the hours spent in the kitchen, and the anguish of all the preparations... just to delight in the joy of entertaining and the chance to spend quality time with the family (and then the feast and beautiful gifts, of course!).

This special Christmas coffee, 100% pure Arabica from Panama, moderately caffeinated with notes of almond and honey, will deliciously develop your optimistic self and inner Zen. You may find yourself carefree and happy, whistling Jingle Bells all day long. In short, you will always see the cup half full. Merry Christmas!

Christmas - 2019 Edition - Pure origin: Panama - Banjo Mono


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Legend has it that Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus drink shots of this Single Origin Panama coffee concocted by Chronic. He swallows them down to stay alert when making his rounds throughout the many time zones, and she, to remain alert in case her good old, giddy husband forgets a few packages. Even reindeer drink it on the night of the 24th... 250 g. package


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  • Type of coffee100% Arabica
  • Altitude1400/1500m
  • Country where roastedSwitzerland
  • OriginPanama
  • Roasting methodDark roasted in a wood burning fire
  • GrindBeans
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