Whole bean Horizonte TOTAL – Colombia


The “Total” Columbian experience: notes of chocolate, nuts and brown sugar infused with lime. Christoph's custom roasting from this Colombian micro-lot extracts all its complexity and aromatic richness.

When a roaster finds a gem, it is exploited to its full potential. And this is the case with Ideal and Total which are made from the same bean. Total was lightly roasted for filter preparation.

Suffice to say that persistence is a quality at Christoph and more generally, for specialty coffee roasters. The producers, often housed at altitudes uncommon in our part of the world, do not share their location in general. They live in regions that are difficult to access, but are optimal for growing coffee.

This is the exact case of the producer, Edgar Dapua, his wife Olivia and their four children. They operate a farm in the municipality of Miranda, in the Cauca region of southwest Colombia. This region is especially mountainous, and it is here that the great Cauca River takes shape.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Programa de Alainzas Comerciales facilitate trade agreements to improve the average income of small land operators by putting them in direct contact with buyers. The result is an increase in yield and thus an improved infrastructure since earnings are reinvested back into production. An important step towards lasting peace where ethnic minorities have long been sidelined. This bodes well for a region which, according to experts, certainly produces the best coffees in the world.



  • Origin: Columbia
  • Region: Miranda / Cauca
  • Producer: Edgar Dagua Corpus
  • Altitude: 1,650 m
  • Plantation size: Micro-lot
  • Variety (ies): Caturra
  • Post-harvest treatment: Washed
  • Degree of roasting: Light
  • Recommended extraction: Filter
  • Recommended preparation: Chemex, French Press, AeroPress


Gil's opinion

We love it in Chemex. This coffee has the typical Colombian profile: sweet with a brilliant and rather intense citric acidity. It will give you a boost in the morning.

Whole bean Horizonte TOTAL – Colombia


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The light roast of this specialty coffee will easily make it your daily drink .

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  • OriginColombia
  • ProducerEdgar Dagua Corpus
  • Packaging333g
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