Whole bean Horizonte TOTAL – Colombia


The Total Colombian coffee experience! Chocolate, nut and brown sugar infused with a lime flavour. Complex yet super-clean, and with a well-balanced body. In roasting this coffee, we shortened the drying, browning and developing phases slightly for the full complexity, and all the flavours that come with it, to shine through.  


Edgar Dagua Corpus, his wife Olivia and their four children live and farm in the municipality of Miranda in Colombia’s Cauca department. This region has been scarred by decades of conflict between FARC rebels (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), the paramilitary groups of Calima Bloc, drug cartels and the Colombian armed forces. With some armed groups having settled in the area, violence is ongoing.

Several generations of residents of Miranda have been victims and survivors of acts of violence by guerrillas, military or paramilitary forces, and drug traffickers. The list includes violent police action, assassination of citizens, the deployment of anti-personnel mines, forced displacement of families, kidnapping and extortion, and the forced recruitment of minors to the armed conflict.

During Horizonte’s last trip to Colombia, we did not have a chance to visit Edgar himself, but thanks to Siruma Coffee and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) we received four bags of Edgar’s amazing coffee, and it quickly became one of our favourites. 

The USAID programme in Cauca and neighbouring regions (the Programa de Alianzas Comerciales)  helps facilitate commercial agreements between coffee producers and coffee buyers in order to increase the income of small farmers, including women and members of ethnic minority groups in rural municipalities – an important step towards securing a sustainable and inclusive peace.

The programme focuses on three main goals:

To increase export sales by connecting producers with markets.

An increase in production that can respond to market demand.

And an increased investment in rural infrastructure to allow markets to work efficiently.

Despite the conflict, some of the world’s best coffee still comes from the Cauca region. Horizonte is looking forward to visiting Edgar and a few more farmers in the area in July 2019.

Whole bean Horizonte TOTAL – Colombia


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The “TOTAL” Colombian experience! Every day drinking.

Super clean, balanced, citrus, sweet caramel, brown sugar.


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