Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Worka - Ethiopia [Filter]

Give in to this coffee's fruity and complex aromas of berry and cacao.
Kochere is a processing plant in the Nations region. It is part of the Gedeo Zone and a sub-region of Yrgacheffe. Kochere is known for producing rich juicy coffees with a fruity profile.

310 farmers in this region have formed a cooperative to survive, develop and maintain their activity. There are millions of farmers in Ethiopia, and the competition is fierce. To stand out, quality is a priority for an area recognised as the temple of specialty coffee. The experimentation of new post- harvest treatments flourish in contrast with conventional dried and washed treatments. The goal, when the cultivation of coffee benefits from a terroir as exceptional as Yrgacheffe, is to obtain the greatest aromatic concentration during extraction. Imported from the wine world, carbonic maceration has enabled coffee to rise to an aromatic complexity never attained. This is evidenced by the many World Barista Championships won by MAME, on sale at CoffeeAvenue, with coffees that have undergone this post-harvest treatment. For those new to speciality coffee, the coffee cherry, once picked, is placed at ambient temperature in an oxygen-free environment (Anaerobic). This fermentation process results in coffees with intense and unique flavours.

Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Worka - Ethiopia [Filter]


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Roasted for your gentle extractions, Stoll perfectly enhanced this premium yet accessible coffee.

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