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The Chemex

The Chemex

What’s a Chemex?

A Chemex is part of an extensive family of filter-coffee makers, and an art deco object too. It has even been on exhibit at the MOMA in New York City. (Not too shabby!) Invented in the 1950s by the German chemist Peter Schlumbohm, it fell into disuse after the electric filter coffeemaker appeared on the scene, but the Chemex has made a strong comeback in households. Today, making coffee with a Chemex is a bit like riding a fixed-gear bicycle (a.k.a. a “Fixie”). It’s rewarding to take pride in a vintage and iconic object whose aspect is pronounced and easily identified. The Chemex’s elegant curves and hourglass shape will fit perfectly on your kitchen worktop.  It’s also extremely popular with baristas. It’s even said to be the extraction method that develops a coffee’s greatest aromatic expression. Its conical design releases the aromas without weighing down the coffee. 

How does it work?

It's very simple. To prepare your coffee with a Chemex, place a filter over the coffeemaker and slowly pour boiling water over your coffee. There are, however, a few important steps to follow which we detail in the video below. But on the whole, making a Chemex coffee doesn’t require any level of expertise. It's easy peasy!  And in addition, you save money and do something nice for the planet because it works without electricity.

Discover the barista's recipe: 

What kind of coffee is best for a Chemex?

Keep two essential characteristics in mind when choosing the ideal coffee for Chemex, the degree of roasting and the size of the grounds. We recommend a light to medium roast, and regarding size, the grounds should be somewhere between powdered sugar and coarse salt.  At CoffeeAvenue, we easily guide you to the coffee recommended for each type of extraction. 4

Tips: Unlike pre-ground coffee, freshly ground coffee beans release more aromas in the cup. You don't have a coffee grinder? Not a problem. At CoffeeAvenue, we recommend distinct types of grinders for a wide variety of budgets and uses.

ENJOY!!! Now that you've got all the tips, all you have to do is enjoy your future favourite drink alone or with friends. For tea lovers, a Chemex will win you over as well since it’s the extraction method that comes closest to conventional tea brewing. 


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