Coffee beans Vertical - Breakaway [Espresso]

Vertical Coffee went in search of this Ugandan Robusta to blend it with Cauvery Peak Estate, a specialty Arabica from India. Together, they form a mild espresso with vanilla and dark chocolate flavours and a low level of acidity.

Robusta often gets bad press. Cheap to buy, it’s combined with Arabica to form a full-bodied coffee with a generous crema thanks to its Robusta component. But there is, similar to Arabica, specialty Robustas with the label, "Fine Robusta". To receive this distinction, a Robusta must tick the same boxes as Arabica, meaning to have a cup score above 80/100, come from green coffee with little or no flaws, and be cultivated in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The only difference lies in the altitude, Robusta grows as of sea level, whereas Arabica will blossom starting at 800 m above. As a general rule, specialty coffee grows at altitudes superior to 1,000 - 1,200 m unless exceptional climatic conditions, similar to those at higher-altitudes, allow the cherry to develop fully.

Without deviating from their philosophy, Vertical Coffee went directly to the source of Robusta, namely Uganda. They discovered “Fine Robusta” in the country’s central west region of Kaweri and combined it with a specialty coffee from the Sawamalai Estate in Southern India. The result is an exceptional, high-quality cup.

Coffee beans Vertical - Breakaway [Espresso]


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It's the perfect match between Arabica and Robusta. This blend therefore reaches the maximum of its fruity attributes so characteristic of this exquisite blend.

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  • OriginUganda, India
  • RegionSawamalai Estate, Kaweri
  • ProducerKaweri Coffee Plantation
  • Altitude1300m, 800m
  • VarietalsNganda, Erecta
  • Post-harvest processWashed
  • Degree of roastingMedium
  • PreparationEspresso
  • Recommended preparationMilky, Espresso
  • Packaging250g
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