Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Diego Samuel - Colombia [Filter]

Complex and voluptuous aromas await you in this wonderful café where peach fruitiness becomes intimately acquainted with the sweetness and generosity of the English custard before ending your journey with the acidity of rhubarb. This Geisha by Diego Samuel simply has amazing balance.

There is so much to say about these men and women who are revolutionising their art. This is the case with Diego Samuel, who produces several varieties of coffees on the 27-hectare family farm in the municipality of El Tambo in southwestern Colombia in the Cauca region. This region is famous for its specialty coffees grown at high altitudes and enjoys a favourable climate as the great Cauca River takes shape. Treasure finders and specialty coffee roasters keep a close eye on this area that is very difficult to reach. It's all the more rewarding when you come across a producer of Diego Samuel's calibre. Producing quality products goes far beyond its product label. To get a cup score of 90 and having a product that the whole world is longing to get their hands on, the reasoning must be based on the cup and the desired profile. Diego Samuel is a man with many talents because to achieve these wonders, he had to master the many facets of coffee, from its growth to extraction. His vast knowledge base also includes being an experienced roaster and cup taster. Knowing the profile of his perfect cup, its proper ph level and temperature before even starting production is a crucial step. As one can imagine, the harvesting and post-harvest processes are borrowed from winemaking techniques. As with project origin for MAME coffees, Diego Samuel uses an anaerobic process, a fermentation saturated with carbon dioxide, as opposed to aerobic fermentation where coffee cherries are fermented in open air. This technique allows the coffee bean to slowly but surely absorb all the nutrients of the coffee cherry, enhancing its aromatic capacities. Diego Samuel adjusts his growing methods to his environment as necessary according to the climate's many variations. Each variety is pampered and has its own cultivation protocol.  Among the Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra, it's the Geisha that Stoll chose. This variety is clearly the star of premium specialty coffees. According to experts, the aromatic complexity is without equal. No wonder it's now being sold at auction at premium prices.

Stoll Kaffee pays wonderful tribute to this great vintage, and it's on CoffeeAvenue that you'll enjoy it.

Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Diego Samuel - Colombia [Filter]


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Limited quantity for this very large vintage roasted by Stoll Kaffee and rated with an incredible 90/100 cup score.

Pack of 150g


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There are only 1 package(s) of the batch roasted on the 03.08.2020

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  • OriginColombia
  • RegionCauca
  • ProducerDiego Samuel
  • Altitude1700m
  • VarietalsGesha
  • Post-harvest processNatural
  • Degree of roastingLight
  • PreparationFilter
  • Recommended preparationChemex, V60, French Press, Moka
  • Packaging150g
  • Date de torréfaction03.08.2020
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