Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Biloya - Ethiopia [Espresso & Filter]

This medium roasted Ethiopian coffee by Stoll kaffee has an aromatic profile of berry and cocoa.

This coffee is produced in the Yrgacheffe region, in southern Ethiopia, by 310 farmers who have joined together to form a cooperative.

This region is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Wild coffee trees still grow in the wild there. In fact, Yirgacheffe has the topography, altitude, and ideal water sources for the treatment and production of exceptional coffees.

Specialty coffee production is becoming commonplace, and it's vital for producers to increase quality through post harvest processes borrowed from viticultural techniques. As with project origin and Diego Samuel for the MAME and Stoll coffees, this coffee is anaerobic: fermentation saturated with carbon dioxide in opposition to aerobic fermentation where the cherries are fermented in the open air. This technique allows the coffee bean to slowly but surely absorb all the nutrients of the coffee cherry, enhancing its aromatic capacities.

Whole Coffee Beans Stoll Biloya - Ethiopia [Espresso & Filter]


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An exceptional coffee from Ethiopia's famous Yrgacheffe region, roasted for your gentle extractions and espresso.

Pack of 250g


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  • OriginEthiopia
  • RegionYirgacheffe, Kochere
  • Altitude1850m
  • VarietalsHeirloom
  • Post-harvest processNatural
  • Degree of roastingLight
  • PreparationFilter, Espresso
  • Recommended preparationEspresso, Moka, V60, Milky, Chemex, Others, Aeropress, French Press
  • Packaging250g
  • Date de torréfaction03.08.2020
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