Whole bean MAME - Abera Filter - Ethiopia

You'll discover surprisingly strong aromas of pineapple and strawberry in your gentle extractions. And that's good news for our taste buds.

Abera Irebe is a small producer who grows coffee in the Gedeb district of the Yirgacheffe region which is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. You can still find coffee trees growing in the wild there. In fact, Yirgacheffe has the topography, altitude, and ideal water sources for the treatment and production of exceptional coffees. The coffee cherries he uses are local varieties that are common in the region. To ensure that the post-harvest treatment is uniform, Abera Irebe's method entails drying them on raised beds in the sun, turning them regularly.

Whole bean MAME - Abera Filter - Ethiopia


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The fruity finesse of this high-end coffee from the Yirgacheffe region is perfect for your gentle extractions.

Pack of 250g


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  • OriginEthiopia
  • RegionYirgacheffe
  • ProducerAbera Irebe
  • Altitude1850m, 2250m
  • VarietalsHeirloom
  • Post-harvest processNatural
  • Degree of roastingLight
  • PreparationFilter
  • Recommended preparationV60, French Press, Aeropress, Chemex
  • Packaging250g
  • Date de torréfaction25.06.2020
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