Whole bean Horizonte FENOMENAL – Colombia [Filter]


An exceptional profile for your gentle extractions with this lightly roasted Geisha. Jasmine, bergamot, and apricot will intoxicate your senses and its silky buttery texture will delight your palate.

Hermel de Jesus Alvar cultivates the beans by hand on the extremely steep slopes of Anserma, part of the Caldas region in central western Colombia. Jesus pampers his precious and very high-quality Geisha. The community of specialty coffees heaps praise when mentioning Geisha which commands premium prices at auction. The special fruit and flowers flavours make it absolutely divine and incomparable. Originally from Ethiopia, this variety was established in Costa Rica in the 1950s and then in Panama, which won the Geisha award, the reason why it is so famous today. The land, attitude and climatic conditions naturally influence the profile of the same variety. Horizonte has done superbly crafted work which reveals itself in every cup. We can't do without it at CoffeeAvenue.



  • Origin: Columbia
  • Region: Anserma
  • Producer: Hermel de Jesus Alvar
  • Altitude : 1,900 m
  • Plantation size: 11 ha / 5,000 trees
  • Variety (ies): Geisha
  • Post-harvest treatment: Washed
  • Roasting Degree: Light
  • Recommended extraction: Filter
  • Recommended preparation: Chemex, V60, French Press
Whole bean Horizonte FENOMENAL – Colombia [Filter]


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A rare and acclaimed variety by all discerning amateurs, Horizonte offers us this PHENOMENAL Colombian Geisha.

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