Whole bean Horizonte LEAL – Colombia


Do you like it on the dark side? If so, this coffee is one that is roasted dark, but not too dark because we still want you to taste the beans and not just the roast flavours. A coffee with big body and good acidity, with a hint of orange filtering through the brown sugar and nutty flavours. Above all, a well-rounded, top quality espresso.



To find a small coffee farm like Amanda, you need to get lucky! This is a real gem of a speciality coffee, grown in the remote mountains of Anserma, Colombia. Amanda Ospina and her husband Horacio manage the farm, which was bought from Horacio’s brother in 1979. The couple have two daughters and two sons: one of the sons helps out on the farm; the other children are either at school or university. Since Amanda suffers from back problems, Horacio takes care of all the cleaning work, both inside and outside, as well as doing all the gardening too. 


When Horizonte visited, we were super-impressed with how well the farm is kept – so much pride is poured into it. Amanda and Horacio are in the habit of storing bags of the best coffee in their bedroom, just in case…!


During the main harvesting season, the family employs four coffee pickers. Amanda recently invested in a small indoor drying facility so that during the longer rainy periods they can still dry their coffee and not be so reliant on dry weather. As a coffee alternative, Amanda and Horacio also farm plantain trees for extra income. 


Amanda’s plantations are so steep that at first we thought they had to use ropes to secure themselves when picking some of the harder-to-reach cherries. Horacio and Amanda just laughed – it seems that Colombians are better climbers than Swissies! 


At Horizonte, we’ve named this coffee Leal – which means “loyal” in Spanish – because we very much want to be loyal to outstanding coffee producers like Amanda.

Whole bean Horizonte LEAL – Colombia


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Slightly darker roast. Sweet notes, chocolate, orange, caramel.

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  • OriginColombia
  • ProducerLuz Amanda Ospina
  • Packaging333g
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on  18 Feb. 2020


Café parfaitement à mon goût, saveurs exquises.

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