Ground coffee Chronic. 13h08 – Colombia • India • Nicaragua


Need a boost after a long family lunch, or at the office to be ready for the first meeting of the afternoon? This coffee, which has proven its worth, saves the day! Composed of 88% Arabica and 12% Robusta, Chronic. 13h08 ground coffee puts its kickstarting qualities and aromas of caramel, toasted nuts and jasmine at your service.

Harvested at altitude (1,200 meters) in Colombia, India and Nicaragua, this freshly roasted coffee is available in packs of 250 grams. And CoffeeAvenue takes care of the custom grinding for you, from a medium grind for Italian coffee makers that purr in the kitchen, to fine for the espresso machine in the break room, and a special course grind ideal for any French Press. All you have to do is choose.



  • Origin: Colombia, India, Nicaragua
  • Altitude: 1300 - 2000m
  • Variety (ies): Caturra, Bourbon
  • Post-harvest treatment: Natural
  • Degree of roasting: Dark
  • Recommended extraction: Espresso, Filter 
  • Recommended preparation: Espresso, Milk recipes, French Press, Moka, Chemex
Ground coffee Chronic. 13h08 – Colombia • India • Nicaragua


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A big sluggish in the early afternoon? Grab some outbound Chronic.1h08. The next stops for this ground coffee are Colombia, India and Nicaragua. An enchanting journey full of emotions and flavours. You'll return delighted...and reinvigorated!

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  • OriginColombia, Nicaragua, India
  • Altitude1300m, 2000m
  • VarietalsBourbon, Caturra
  • Post-harvest processNatural
  • Degree of roastingDark
  • PreparationFilter, Espresso
  • Recommended preparationEspresso, Aeropress, Milky, Chemex, Moka, V60, French Press
  • Packaging250g
  • Type of coffee88% Arabica - 12% Robusta
  • Primary flavourCaramel, Toasted Walnuts, Jasmin
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